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4 Truths About Premature Ejaculation

4 Truths About Premature Ejaculation

One of the most common sex problems men face, no matter their age, is premature ejaculation (PE). Because this condition has gotten such popularity, it has spawned a couple of myths on the topic. Some of which you may even believe before having read this article.

Well, to keep you informed on the issue, Men’s Choice Medical Center has listed down a couple of truths that should give you a better grasp on what premature ejaculation is all about:

  1. PE can be diagnosed in people without anxiety

    Anxiety makes the body’s nervous system easily excitable. As a result, it may lead to sexually aroused men with anxiety to ejaculate prematurely. Following this line of thought, it’s easy to see how anxiety may be related to PE.

    However, that is not always the case. Although anxiety does play a part, men who suffer PE instead feel a specific type of stress related to sex. A good way for men to counter this is by slowing down the pace of lovemaking and focusing on physical stimulation other than the genital area to gain more endurance.

  2. PE can sometimes be situational

    Some men may experience premature ejaculation regularly, however, that is not true for everyone. In most cases, it will depend on the situation at hand. Again, an effect of sex-specific anxiety.

    Men often feel more relaxed with their regular partners than with new people. It may also be that men are generally able to hold reasonable control until they are subjected to major stressors in life (such as financial problems, family issues, etc.).

  3. PE can cause men to project their distress on their partner

    The main reason behind this is because a majority of men believe that they should lead their partner to release during intercourse. They worry that if they aren’t able to perform for long, their significant other will think they are lousy in bed.

    Of course, this only causes them to feel stressed further. So, what is the solution? Apart from seeking help from a men’s health clinic in Jacksonville, Florida like us, honest communication with your partner will also help.

  4. PE can affect anyone

    Premature ejaculation is often stereotyped as a younger man’s sex problem. But in truth, it can also affect even those who are already experienced. What is the reason behind it? Again, sex-specific stress remains to be the culprit.

    By the age of 50, erectile dysfunction begins to become an issue. This causes most men to either use or lose their erection, leading to PE. Over time, men adjust to the consequences brought on by aging, ultimately causing the rate of PE to decline as well.

Don’t let PE stop you from enjoying intimacy with your partner.

You’re not alone in this. It’s absolutely okay to ask for help! If anything, that’s the exact reason why we have a men’s medical center in Southern Georgia readily stationed. It’s to give you the assistance with your concerns. Call us.

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