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5 Things That Put You at Risk for Erectile Dysfunction

5 Things That Put You at Risk for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many factors that can increase your risk for erectile dysfunction (ED), most of them easily chalked up to either psychological issues or physical problems. But did you know your daily habits may play a role in it too?

To raise your awareness on the things that can lead you to suffer from erectile dysfunction, Men’s Choice Medical Center has prepared a quick summary which you can browse:

  1. An unhealthy diet

    Take a quick check of your pantry. What’s in it? If your shelves are fully stocked with canned goods, you might want to start varying your diet from those. You see, a good number of cans are lined with a chemical known as bisphenol-A (BPA) which can inhibit sex hormones in men by mimicking estrogen (the sex hormone in women).

  2. A bicycling hobby

    How long do you ride your bike in a day? Prolonged use of over 3 hours a week can put you at a greater risk for ED. This is because the hard seat on your bike can add pressure on the vital arteries and nerves that are necessary to sexual function. However, don’t be so quick to ditch that bike! Just install leather seats that properly conform to your body’s shape to lower your risk for ED.

  3. A sleeping problem

    Sleep apnea indicates that your body may be suffering from low oxygen levels. Without enough oxygen in your system, achieving or maintaining erections can become a problem. One way to go about this is, of course, by having your ED and sleep apnea treated together.

  4. An injury

    Have you experienced injuries to your pelvic area (caused either by falling from a ladder and straddling it on the way down, getting hit by a car, etc.)? Having damaged nerves and arteries in the urethra can lead to a case of ED.

    However, you should consider that the effect of an injury does not always present themselves until months after the incident. Therefore, it would work in your best interest to consult a men’s medical center in Southern Georgia like ours as soon as possible.

  5. A number of medications

    Several pills may also cause ED as a side effect. This includes blood pressure pills, diuretics, certain antidepressants, etc. Have a talk with your doctor or pharmacist so that they can recommend you with an alternate prescription.

Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t have to be permanent.

If you think you may be suffering from this condition, we are a men’s health clinic in Jacksonville, Florida that can help you get better. We have a broad range of treatment programs that not only tackle ED but also premature ejaculation and medical weight loss as well.

What concerns might you have in mind? Talk to one of our specialists through a call or by leaving a message below. We will gladly devise a treatment plan that will fit right in with your needs and goals.

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