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7 Tips to Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

7 Tips to Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

As men age, erectile dysfunction or ED becomes more common. However, this does not mean that you will have problems with erection once you reach your advanced years. With the following tips, you can lessen the likelihood of this condition from happening.

Consider the following tips in preventing ED.

  1. Maintain that healthy weight.
    Maintaining your healthy weight can be achieved through regular exercise and a healthy diet. Obesity can lead to a variety of diseases that result to nerve damages. If the nerves in the penile area get damaged, ED is the most likely outcome.
  2. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption.
    While consuming alcohol does not have any direct effect on developing ED, chronic alcohol over-consumption may lead to it. This is because too much alcohol can cause nerve damage. Drink in moderation or better not drink at all.
  3. Do not smoke.
    Nicotine can actually affect the proper flow of blood to the penis as smoking can harm the different blood vessels in the body. Visit a men’s medical center in Southern Georgia or Florida and talk to the doctor about how you can start with smoking cessation.
  4. Control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    You need to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control. High levels of these measurements can increase the risks of developing ED. If you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, commit to living a healthier lifestyle and taking prescriptions as necessary.
  5. Have your testosterone levels checked.
    The level of testosterone you have in your body has a direct impact on your ability to have an erection. As a normal part of aging, testosterone levels tend to go down along with age. Visit your men’s health clinic in Jacksonville, Florida to know these levels and act on them.
  6. Avoid penile injuries.
    Injuries to the penis during sex can actually happen. Severe ones may lead to ED. So, be mindful about sex positions and protect your penis during intercourse.
  7. Minimize stress.
    Stress contributes to ED. As much as possible, minimize the level of stress you are experiencing daily. Boost your sex life by reducing stress.

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