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Different Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

 Different Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction. These factors include age, injuries, emotional problems and more. This particular condition is definitely a major challenge for any man. Men with ED often show symptoms such as having troubles getting or keeping an erection as well as loss of sexual desire.

Thankfully, erectile dysfunction treatment is entirely possible. It is important that you get the right treatment by identifying the underlying cause. Some of the treatment options that your doctor may recommend include the following:

  • Oral Medications
    Taking oral medications is probably the most popular treatment option that many men go for. Depending on the findings of your doctor, you may have to take oral medications as prescribed. Visit a men’s health clinic in Jacksonville, Florida to know which meds are safe and suitable for your situation.
  • Penis Pumps
    A penis pump may be recommended by your doctor if oral medications are not effective in your case. The pump is a device that is used to pull blood into the penis by creating a vacuum in the device’s tube.

    A tension ring is then placed into the base of the penis for it to stay firm and last through sex. Such ring can be removed afterwards. Take note, though, that slight bruising can happen as a possible side effect. Premature ejaculation can also be restricted due to the presence of the ring.

  • Penile Implants
    A penile implant is oftentimes the last resort if no other treatment option is working. A penile implant typically consists of bendable or inflatable rods that can help you manage your erection and its duration. These devices are placed into your penis via surgery. A possible side effect or risk complication of this option is infection.

    Visit a men’s medical center in Southern Georgia or Florida to determine if a penile implant is the best cure for your situation.

  • Counseling

    Stress can be a contributing factor to ED. If you feel stressed at work or are having troubles with your personal relationships, counseling can be the treatment that you need. You or together with your partner may be referred to a counselor for counseling.

  • Active lifestyle

    Living an active lifestyle can definitely help manage ED. Exercise and other physical activities can help improve blood circulation, including blood flow to the penis. Aim to be as active as you can.

Men’s Choice Medical Center handles various issues that concern the male population. Allow us to help you in your situation by contacting us today.

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