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How Can Exercise Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

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When a man experiences an inability to maintain their erection, it can be a real struggle for their relational as well as sexual life. Erectile dysfunction is one of the common ailments that affect men and there are many causes to it. These include heart ailments, diabetes, being overweight, and having low testosterone count. There are also psychological issues that trigger ED.

Due to the many available medications to help treat erectile dysfunction, it is very practical to consult with experts in a men’s health clinic in Jacksonville, Florida so that the ideal treatment for your specific condition can be found. Not all men are the same, and hence, their treatment also varies. Avoid following the treatment program practiced by someone you know as this can be very different to your personal situation.

Thankfully, exercises can also help reduce the episodes of ED. According to this study, pelvic exercises have been seen to promote strength against erectile dysfunction in 40% of the men participants. For the other 33.5% participants of the same study, they have seen a slight reduction in their ED. Another research also shows evidence that some pelvic exercises can be used to treat ED and other pelvic problems.

The Kegel Exercise

This exercise is one of the most common forms of pelvic floor exercises. Women do this when they prepare for their pregnancy. Men, on the other hand, can do this to provide erectile dysfunction treatment. In addition, Kegel exercise can also help improve a person’s urinary control.

With the Kegel exercise, the penis can be helped to acquire more blood when it is erected and consequently pump more during ejaculation. Because of the same result, the Kegel exercise can also help treat a man’s urinary incontinence problems.

The basic concept of Kegel exercise is to increase the strength of your lower pelvic muscles. To know which muscles to work on, practice holding back your stream while you’re in the middle of urination. The muscles that clench are the ones that you need to focus on working with the Kegel exercise.

Kegel and Aerobics

There are also certain aerobic routines that can help improve the strength of your pelvic floor, and which can come as supplementary to the Kegel exercises. According to this study, aerobic exercises have been seen to greatly improve ED, meaning that their episodes have been reduced. Since the health causes of ED include cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity problems, doing aerobics greatly improves your health, and consequently, reduces ED.

Take away:

Aside from exercises, there are also approved medical interventions that can treat ED. When you consult with us at the men’s medical center in Southern Georgia, you will be provided with a personalized treatment plan to overcome your ED so that you can regain the joy and fulfillment of your intimate relationship. If you would like to know more about these treatments, feel free to keep in touch with us at Men’s Choice Medical Center.

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