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Natural Testosterone Boosters for Men

Natural Testosterone Boosters for Men

The human body naturally produces testosterone hormones. But these play a more important role for men by developing the male body, building the muscles, producing sperm, and stabilizing sex drive. However, some health conditions cause men to produce relatively lower testosterone levels. In these cases, Men’s Choice Medical Center, a men’s health clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, sums up some natural testosterone boosters:

  • Get Enough Sleep

    A University of Chicago study proves the decline of testosterone levels even after one week of reduced sleep. Researchers suggest men create a regular bedtime routine to avoid testosterone decline.

  • Eat Zinc-Rich Foods

    A study at Ajou University in South Korea shows the importance of zinc in preventing testosterone-related dysfunctions like premature ejaculation in men. Adult men require 11 mg of zinc every day. Some zinc-rich foods include crab, whole grain, lobster, beans, and nuts.

  • Consume Less Sugar

    According to an Endocrine Society report, too much sugar intake may reduce men’s testosterone levels by 25 percent. As such, control your sugar consumption or see your doctor for guidance.

  • Maintain Healthy Weight

    Healthy weight stabilizes men’s testosterone levels. A study at the University of Florence in Italy explains how obesity contributes to reduced testosterone levels. To maintain a healthy weight, seek help from a men’s medical center in Southern Georgia.

  • Exercise Regularly

    Erectile dysfunction may result from an inactive lifestyle. To boost your testosterone levels, stimulate your brain, and improve your mood, fitness experts suggest a 30-minute exercise every day.

To improve men’s sex drive, erectile dysfunction treatment can also help. Proven medical interventions promote men’s health at a higher level.

For more men’s health tips, don’t hesitate to visit our clinic!

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